Life’s Alley

I was walking down a beautiful alley

When I found life smiling upon me

It radiated happiness and pleasures it had to offer

It asked if I wished more

In my smile I gave a list of few more

Few years down life again gave me a chance to score

In the same alley where life was to adore

I remembered the alley where pleasures were galore

I did not hesitate to wish for more

And life was easy to look for

I left the alley with a sense of having outscored.

A turn of events when I had to see sorrow in a row

I lost many in the years on the course

Certain it was a list of pleasures not to grow

If I did not walk down the alley to meet the life at its door

I was the chosen one I must go to life’s valley

With a resolve I approached the same alley

I called for life and asked why it made me cry

I hurt none then why it shrunk my tally

Life smiled and asked me not to whine

Why do you fail to align when happiness is on a recline

Let happiness and sorrow be combined

It is time to fight and not to resign

For sorrow has its own benign

I took the message and tried to design

A life which has equal sorrow to shine

Mix sorrow with happiness to make wine

© 2015 – All Rights reserved with Ritesh Khosla


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