We are loyal to our beliefs, we are loyal to our values,

Loyal we are to our virtues and vices, so do we to our faith.

At the heart of all this,

is a constant indecipherable play at play!

An intricate mix of our choices that are made

Each moment, every hour and all days.

Choices we make, choices that reinforce,

lead us to those very beliefs, values, virtues and vices.

What surrounds us, we expose ourselves to,

What we choose to observe, what we experience,

emotionally, psychologically, consciously, sub-consciously,

It constructs and consumes us.

To a point we only seek things, objects, mortals and immortals

That define us as intellectuals and delusional.

Choices make us follow; choices make others follow us,

Choices make us leaders; choices bring subservience in us.

Choices make us inquisitive,

Inquisition makes us seekers,

Seekers discover things, experiences, surroundings, circumstances and people,

That make or change the fabric of our values, beliefs, virtues and vices.


Copyright 18 March 2018 – Ritesh Khosla – All rights reserved. 


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