About Me…

Lawyer by profession, passionate about intellectual property that I mostly practice and I would like to believe that I have a penchant to write (and not just only legal stuff!). There is much to express on the innumerable facets of life that fascinate my mind.

This website/bog manifests my opinions, comments and views on all subjects I am interested in, put across in no less candid words, be it in the form of poetry or commentary, essay or article. And then there is certain soft stuff too.

I have not been vocal about one thing in my life: “emotions”. I typically find myself uncomfortable in a conversation that evokes or involves emotions. Never thought I was good at it and perhaps will never be. I am doing introspection to find reasons and this blog might help me find answers one day. But being a human I am not devoid of it. So I penned down certain songs/poems in the past (and continue to do so by the way) on subjects that involved emotions which I have now converted into blogs. I have also used poetry as my expression for whole array of other subjects – politics, life, philosophy, motivation and inspiration. 

I wonder if any of my poems/songs would ever become a rock song, a genre of music I simply love. I love philosophy which is like “finding a black cat in a black room which is not there” and I simply do not give up on finding it. Another passion that I endure is travelling. I owe a lot of things in my life to it, particularly when I traveled as a bag packer in my student life. I like playing with words. I give credit for this to my profession. I love reading but I can take months at times to finish a book. I am not dipsomaniac but I truly cherish good alcohol. I can be critical at times but I am told that my funny side keeps the balance. I am ambitious in life and want to achieve many things. People confuse it with monetary things and I used to believe them too until I gradually discovered that this quotient is beyond just monetary things. I continue to explore each passing day what all I wish to achieve. So philosophy is helping me and no matter I may have to turn to spiritualism, I will find the “cat” one day. I have had somewhat unusual journey in this life so far and I would like to narrate the story in a novel mixed with some degree of fiction in it. I constantly look out for people and things to inspire and motivate me but I at times find myself thick skinned frankly. I simply love my profession and what I practice in it – I achieved what I planned for myself so far but could not better it! I am working on the next plan that I have set out for me. 

That’s all about me. If you find any degree of verbosity in describing myself, I regret it. I was never good at paraphrasing. Yes, devil is in details. I think that’s why I became a lawyer! I tell you it is truly rewarding to play with words….



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