I am an Indian Politician


I make castles of hope I stomp them effortlessly

For a gain that manifests my interest I don’t care shamelessly

With acts that belie my promises I don’t care undauntedly

I use religion to stay in power I don’t deny unapologetically

Nepotism is my way to rule I say it vehemently

This country is as much mine I give a damn unflinchingly

I am an Indian politician I rule here ruthlessly.

My hopes sounded better  than other shameless cowards

I spent money to get votes let me now recover from the herds

Foolish are the voters we don’t leave any  scope as goes the word

There are no birds who know how to fly better than us the absurd.

Is there any point to reword when I say without a slur

I am an Indian politician I can’t be cured.

Politics changes the fabric of soul

I do not mind now to sell a soul

As long the money that I get is an enough console

I believe the poor has no right but to worship the idol

They are the ones who vote I burn them with aerosol

I am an Indian politician I have no protocol.

Emotions are not for me I am not going to hell

Who  has seen life after one goes to the shell

Heaven is here nobody can take me out of the spell

With the money that I loot continues to swell

I do not care less even if I have to smell

The poverty and trauma of the blood cell.

I am an Indian politician don’t you hear my power bell!

Do not blame it on me I am part of you

I am your breed and have the same hew wish all of you knew

Morals and ethics were given to me to chew

I was never asked to fit the country too into my shoe

I afraid there will ever be a leader to break through

The misery and hardship of the people that continues to accrue

I am an Indian politician I ensure poor never gets a break through!

2015 Copyright – Ritesh Khosla – All rights reserved


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